24 Hour Emergency Spill Response - Central New York, Western New York, Northern New York, Southern Tier, NY Capital Region

Vacuum Trucks

Liquid, Sludge, & Dry Vacuuming

Sun Environmental Corp. owns and maintains a fleet of vacuum trucks to remove sludge and liquid and dry wastes. We have the equipment and knowledgeable staff to complete jobs safely and cost-efficiently.

Hauling & Disposal

Sun Environmental Corp. can haul and dispose of a wide variety of liquid wastes, dry wastes, and sludge compounds. We supply proper documentation and shipping paperwork in compliance with according regulations.

Manhole & Sump Cleanouts

Need a manhole or sump pit cleaned-out? Whether it’s been awhile or it’s just time for a regular cleanout, be sure to give us a call.

Recovery & Monitoring Well Vacuuming

We provide monitoring of wells to prevent dangerous gas build-up and to make sure the well is clean and safe for proper vacuuming.

About Sun Environmental Corp.

Sun Environmental Corp. was incorporated in June of 2010 by co-founders James Hanmer and Matthew Notaro. Their combined experience exceeds forty years in the environmental industry, and the duo has worked together for nearly two decades.

The team at Sun Environmental Corp. has a passion for their work which surpasses most in the industry. Throughout the company history, their record for safety, quality, and service has made Sun Environmental Corp. a top competitor in New York.

The company is continuously expanding into new areas: completing projects often in the Central, Western, Southern, Northern, and Eastern regions. Wherever the company’s services are needed, we will go.

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